My day started when I got up at 5:45 for an early breakfast shift at Patshull Park Hotel. It was cold and dark, and the drive to work was quiet. Upon getting to work I walked into the warm and cosy Lakeside Restaurant. Drawing back back the curtains, I took a second to admire the view from the warmth. The sun was just coming into view over the horizon and illuminating the trees in their autumn colours, while the mist was rising off the fishing lake and the dew covering the golf course. One Heron stood perched on the Jetty, almost mimicking me admiring the view.

Customers started to filter through, and soon breakfast service was in full swing in the hotel restaurant. I served businessmen their kippers and poached eggs, and golfers their full English with all the trimmings. As the morning went by the restaurant began to empty. I cleaned and tidied and began to set for my next visitors.

I was expecting a group of 24 in for a business conference lunch at 12.30. The chef had provided a delicious sounding menu consisting of main meals, salads and some fantastic looking cakes and desserts. The conference party arrived in the hotel restaurant on time and began their banquet. 45 minutes passed, and after clearing the spotless plates and doing a handful of drinks orders the guests went back to their conference suite.

Now began the 3rd phase of my shift, which involved liaising with reception to confirm the evening resident numbers and the afternoon golf days. With 40 guests in house, and our Patshull Park Senior golf society golf day party of 32 eating at 4pm, I began rearranging the restaurant.

An hour later Tom arrived to take over. I ran through my day and filled him in with the restaurant layout before signing out then headed home at the end of another day in the restaurant at Patshull Park Hotel in Shropshire..