This week we said goodbye to two of our treasured employees, Kim Kimbell and Sue Mitton as they start their retirement.

Collectively, they have over 57 years’ service to Patshull Park, with Sue taking the proud achievement of our second-longest serving employee.

Sue started here in April 1989 in the Housekeeping department before progressing into an administrative role as our Human Resources and Operations Manager. Sue has sat in on nearly every job interview and has played an important role in the management of the hotel for over three decades.

Sue tells us, “My first memory of Patshull Park was trying to find the place on a reconnaissance mission before my ‘interview’. Once in through the door I was pleasantly surprised. The new wing rooms were about two years old and the interior design had been done professionally. Despite a few teething problems with our original General Manager, we were able to flourish with new GM Mr Kimbell at the helm with the freedom to start getting procedures etc. in place.

I have too many fond memories here to recall them all. Our successes I suppose including green tourism, staff receiving awards from BCC Tourism. It was like being a Mother Hen taking pride in her chicks! I admired our camaraderie, perhaps a  bit of a cliché but there is ‘family’ feel to the team here. There has always been mutual support when needed and when the chips are down I think we all pulled together. Being an independent hotel has also helped the company ethos. So many staff have met their partners here so watching cupid at work made me smile.

I’ve enjoyed lots of things during my time here; seeing and hearing customer satisfaction, watching staff develop and mature,  retaining employees in an industry which is notorious for transient staff. It makes me smile when staff want to come back. The grass isn’t always greener and I suggest that a lot of returners don’t know what they have till they work elsewhere. I have to mention the staff post-Christmas parties when we let our hair down. Such good fun!

Going forward into retirement, I’m looking forward to lots of travelling! My husband and I will be enjoying entertaining and gardening. We grow all our own vegetables and I have custody of the floral borders and green house so that will keep me busy. I also have two small grandsons to cherish and lots of friends to meet up with.

I see Patshull Park as the most attractive hotel in the West Midlands, with so much to offer and I hope to see it flourish in the future with the next generation of key-bearers to take responsibility here.”

Kim started here in February 1992 as the Membership Co-ordinator and has remained an integral part of the Accounts department ever since.  If you’ve ever had a renewal letter through in the past 28 years, you will have noticed that each year it came from her. Kim has also been responsible for issuing our employees their pay slips as well as P60s and a few P45s too!

We wish both of them the very best in the retirement and we hope to see them again soon for a visit!