After seven months of trout fishing the Great Lake opened on Friday 3rd August 2012 to a new season of coarse fishing at Patshull Park Hotel near Wolverhampton

The Defence Sports Association started things rolling with their annual two day coarse fishing match, fishing Friday and Saturday and staying overnight to enjoy a fishing break in the hotel.

Fishing the hotel bank (the deeps) and the boats, 38 anglers tried to raise the level of the pool with the amount of groundbait they put in. On the first day none of the favourite pegs produced big weights, and it was the last three boats that produced with weight of 60lbs, 52lbs and 50lbs. The best on the hotel bank was 25lbs.

What a difference a day and a bit of feed makes! On the Saturday, with one or two anglers showing signs of a heavy night in the hotel bar, the favoured pegs produced. Ade Blackwell on boat caught bream up to 5lb and a 3lb tench. He thus recorded his first 100lb net of bream with a weight of 134lbs – just 2lbs short of the match record

Other notable weights were from boats 4 and 5, with weights of 88lbs and 65lbs respectively. On the bank peg 28 had 53lbs and peg 40 had 43lbs.

Sunday saw Traditional Settings of Walsall sponsoring their fourth annual team coarse fishing match. There were 12 teams of 4 anglers. Points were awarded over each 12 peg section and the team with the lowest number of points won. Sections fished were the shallows, hotel bank and boats

It seemed the whole lake came alive with the majority of anglers weighing in at least 20lbs. Best weights, the shallows 37lbs, hotel bank 69lbs and the boats 76lbs. With 18 points the team from “Happy Days” won with a combined weight of 152lbs

The target species on the Great Lake for coarse anglers is bream. There are huge shoals and double figure bream have been caught by carp members fishing overnight. When the weather turns a bit colder roach and perch come into their own as well as skimmers, which tend to shoal around particular areas over the winter period

Tench are also present in large numbers and average around 4lb and up to 10lb.

The usual coarse fishing match hook baits are maggot, corn and worm.