We always believe in supporting the team when they want to pursue their aspirations.  In the past, we’ve had team members raise money for charities by bungy jumping, sky diving, and running. Some of our team enjoy baking for wedding couples, some make and sell their own birthday cards, some are wine aficionados!

Over the past fourteen weeks, Danny from our Fitness team has been working hard to train for the IBFA West Midlands competition on 20th May; a regional part of a national competition based on physical physique, form, muscle definition and poise.

Danny has been working out every day as part of his training regime, completing an hour of cardiovascular work and an hour of resistance training with weights to work on shredding fat whilst maintaining his muscle size.  He managed to do this with a strict diet that included minimal carbohydrates, which brought him from 16st when he first started, to 14st 7lb!

He chose to enter into the Junior category, where ten competed to win.  Danny did very well, and came fourth in his category, and was invited back to compete in the national event.1

Danny say, “I was a bit upset that I didn’t place in my category, but the top three winners worked hard and looked great so it was tight competition and they deserved to win.

I’d done my first competition last year, so I knew what training worked and what didn’t and I know I looked better than I did in my last competition.  I also didn’t feel as nervous as I did last time – I had the shakes in my legs so bad last year!

I’ve been invited back to the nationals, but I’m choosing to spend my time training for the Mr Tall category next year instead.  This category is designed for competitors who are 180cm or taller, so I’d like to see how I fare in that category. It gives me something new to focus on.”

In the run up to the competition, Danny carb-loaded, which was a relief from his diet that contained zero carbohydrates.  The morning of the competition, he had steak and eggs for some last minute protein, before having a few layers of spray tan and a coat of ‘gleam’, which helps to enhance muscle definition.

If you’d like to know more about weight training, or losing weight, come in and speak to Danny who will be happy to show you how you can benefit.

To book your gym induction or a training session with Danny, call the Health & Fitness department on 01902 701260.