Most of us enjoy eating good food. Among our greatest delights is an evening out at a restaurant, wining and dining, and there are very few major events in our lives that are not marked by the intake of food and drink.  For example, although it is possible to celebrate a wedding without some form of meal afterwards, most of us do not.

Although we may enjoy eating in our own homes, there is undoubtedly something about restaurant dining that makes eating out such a special experience. This is true whether we are celebrating a wedding or birthday, or enjoying a Sunday lunch.

What is it that makes dining out so enjoyable?

Well, for a start there is the fact that everything is done for you. No meal to cook, or dishes to wash, choosing the food we want from a menu, and having it served up to us by waiters and waitresses. We can sit back and enjoy being pampered for a while.

Then there is the ambiance of the restaurant, which is derived from a combination of factors. The style and quality of the furniture, the view through the window, the decoration of the dining room, and the demeanour of the restaurant staff all contribute to this.

A good restaurant will provide a varied and full menu, which caters for all tastes. Whether we are meat eaters, vegetarians, susceptible to an allergy, or on a diet we should all find something on the menu to whet our appetite. The service in the restaurant should be at once professional, friendly and unintrusive; the various courses of food should appear on our table speedily and be presented attractively.

Just as the food offered at a good restaurant should cater for a variety of tastes, so should the selection of drinks on offer. A wide selection of wines is important, but many people prefer to drink beer, or soft drinks, and so a good range of these needs to be available as well.

Of course, restaurant dining need not take the form of a formal sit-down meal, and one of the advantages of dining in a hotel restaurant is that a hotel is more likely to provide a wider range of dining options, both for hotel guests and non-guests. Thus, you may be able to choose between a variety of eating styles in one place.  At Patshull Park Hotel near Wolverhampton, for instance, we offer formal dining in the Lakeside Restaurant, as well as the informality of our Brasserie in Earl’s Bar. After-dinner drinks can be enjoyed in our Kingfisher Bar, which also serves bar snacks and drinks.

Patshull Park Hotel  is situated in Shropshire, near Wolverhampton, and whether you are looking for somewhere to enjoy formal restaurant dining or a less formal eating experience, we are confident that our hotel restaurants more than fulfill all the above criteria. If you have not yet sampled the delights of dining with us, we hope that you will do this soon. A warm welcome awaits you.