We recently reached out to a number of our regular visitors to ask why the choose to come back year on year.  Many of them enjoyed the surroundings, as well as the friendly staff and great service.

Alan, a keen fisherman had this to say…

We consider Patshull Park our second home and this year during our annual pilgrimage, we were met with chilly conditions during my day’s boat fishing with a friend. However, as my wife was not keen to get up at six in the morning I had to join him at lunchtime!

As we drove past the fishing lodge I noticed a rather chilly looking balaclava clad figure sitting in a boat. He had been fishing all morning without a touch which didn’t bode well for our afternoon’s fishing. However, I heard that the fish were deep and so tackled up with a coral booby on a short leader attached to my Di5 fly line. It wasn’t long before I started to get takes and was soon into my first fish which gave an excellent account of itself before succumbing to the net. My friend quickly changed to this method and immediately started to get takes. He had a couple on but unfortunately didn’t manage to land them.

I caught another three or four fish with this method until the takes dried up and then changed to a floating line with a buzzer on a long leader under an indicator. I managed to take another fish with this method but the takes dried up again. So it was back to the Di5 but this time with a black and yellow booby which brought

instant results as more fish came to the boat. At the end of the afternoon I had eight fish and although my friend’s fortunes had certainly changed, sadly he didn’t land any. However, he tried the same method a couple of weeks later and caught five!

Day two and I went out on my own.  I caught a couple on the booby method in the deep water by the Lodge before deciding to go for a wander.  I motored up to the golfer’s bridge area and as the weather had become slightly warmer I opted for floating line and a couple of buzzers.  There then followed a great couple of hours buzzer fishing as I landed a further five with this method.  The fish fought well and I finished the day with ten before heading back to the hotel for a well-deserved pint followed by an excellent dinner.

Day three and the weather was forecast to take a turn for the worse.  I found the fishing hard by the Lodge, but still managed a couple before heading up to the golfer’s bridge.  With the wind now in a different direction it was difficult to position the boat where I wanted to, but a break in the weather meant that I was able to land another couple on the buzzer method.  When things became difficult I headed into Plant’s Neck.  I have found fish here in the past and sure enough after changing to a black taddy, I managed to land another three.  So on a difficult day I still finished the day with eight.

So all in all a great three days’ fishing and well worth a visit, especially at this time of the year!

To book a day’s fishing, or discuss fishing membership, call the Fishery direct on 01902 700774.