Patshull Park has become synonymous with long-serving staff, as we have a large percentage of staff that achieve their long service awards in all departments of the hotel.

We’re delighted to announce that 2018 marks the long service of a few notable members of staff, including Jo Guest and Ann Zdanowski.


Jo Guest

JoJo started working for Patshull Park on 6 April 1998 as a Receptionist, before transferring to our Sales department.  Since then, she has been a well renowned Wedding Co-ordinator (2001 – 2017) and is now our Sales Manager.

During her time as a Wedding Co-ordinator, she helped to organise over one thousand weddings and civil ceremonies.  She has since passed on the torch to Rebecca, who is already making a name for herself.

When asked about her time here, Jo commented, “I love working at Patshull; it’s like coming to your second home.  The people and staff are supportive and everyone here is passionate to see the company succeed in every way.  The staff all have a high level of loyalty, which shows in the amount of staff who have been here in excess of ten years.

My colleagues are also my friends.  I’ve developed many a friendship here, and the banter between team members means it’s an enjoyable place to work.  The management give a great level of support, and always have your best interests at heart.  I’m surrounded by a team I can rely on.”

When asked what makes Patshull Park different, she said, “There’s always something different every day.  I love the challenges that each day presents.”

JoJo will be celebrating her 20th anniversary on Friday 6 April 2018.

Ann Zdanowski

Ann started at Patshull Park in 1988 as a Chambermaid, and is officially our longest-serving member of staff.  She is now our Housekeeping Manager.  Ann has always been a sunny and familiar face throughout the halls, and many returning customers have come to know her and the Housekeeping team on a first name basis.

We spoke with Ann shortly after her photo shoot.

Ann says, “I love the team as they’re like a family to me.  We are a Patshull family.  Coming to work every day feels like home; I enjoy watching the changing seasons especially when coming over the bridge.

There are many things which have remained consistent throughout the years; the team still holds high standards for the hotel.  Management has kept the Patshull boat sailing, and we all know that they have our best interests at heart.

Personally, I’ve seen younger generations blossom. As a team, we’ve shared tears and laughter. Many of the staff have given birth and we’ve seen them grow up.”

Ann will be celebrating her 30th anniversary on Sunday 24 June 2018.

General Manager comments

Stephen Kimbell himself has been General Manager for the past twenty seven years.

He comments, “Jo Guest commenced her employment at Patshull Park as a front desk Receptionist before moving into Sales as the hotel  Wedding Co-ordinator; her enthusiasm, hard work, and attention to detail have successfully contributed to over a thousand weddings, plus  christenings and anniversaries at Patshull Park.

Jo is a respected and crucial member of our team, she has an excellent rapport with all of the hotel staff, and many of our customers return to the hotel because of her dedication and friendliness.

Ann Z as she is fondly known, started her Patshull career as a Chambermaid in 1988 and was subsequently promoted to the post of Head Housekeeper after demonstrating excellent leadership skills, quiet efficiency, and tenacity.  Ann has been able to maintain a dedicated and supportive team of colleagues through her caring attitude, a consistent pursuit of high standards, and by leading from the front.

The team at Patshull Park is often looked upon as a family – many of the senior staff have been together since the early 1990s, and have supported one another through the many challenges that come with operating a busy resort hotel. Colleagues are given operational guidelines and policies, but are also encouraged to be friendly, helpful, and creative in their day to day contact with customers. The hotel management also recognises that staff need sufficient support, resources, and training to achieve the business objectives   .

Every summer the hotel hosts a Long Service Awards Dinner, where staff who have achieved increments of five years’ service are recognised and thanked for their contributions to the business; photographs of these annual awards adorn the walls to the hotel offices and are a constant reminder to current and new staff of the importance that Patshull Park places in the often unique contributions of its dedicated colleagues.”