February is already with us, Christmas now a distant memory, that post Yule guilt fading fast and that fitness regime you started with such vigour and determination is rapidly losing momentum! It starts with the odd excuse to skip a session in the gym, more frequent lapses in your healthy eating plan and your favourite tipple you promised you would keep away from is now more
than an ‘occasional treat’. Before you know it you are back to square one.
No motivation, a gym membership severely underused and a slowly-expanding waist line!
If this sounds painfully familiar then you are certainly not alone, studies have shown that 80% of new year heath & fitness regimes are over by mid March!
So how do we avoid the ‘spring drop off’? What are the most effective methods to use to keep your fitness regime firmly on track?
Here are my top 6 tips to keep you motivated

1. Be realistic
The chances are you are not going to from Homer Simpson to Usain Bolt in a week! One of the first mistakes people make is doing too much, too soon, working out every day will quickly becomes unsustainable for most people . Be realistic, start with 2-3 times per week and take it from there. If you enjoy it and want to do more then you can increase your frequency to suit.

2. Variety
They say variety is the spice of life & this is never more true than in the gym, even the best workout in the world will quickly become tedious when repeated day in day out and your body will quickly adapt to it, limiting further progress. Try to utilise multiple workouts; there are endless combinations depending on your goals. Try “cycling” 3-4 different ones to keep things fresh in the mind and keep your body guessing.

3. Use a Personal Trainer or Instructor
For the reasons mentioned above it is definitely wise to seek advice on different methods of training, making sure you use correct form and that you are actually training in the correct way to achieve your goals. A Personal Trainer will have vast knowledge on how to structure your workouts to keep them interesting and effective.

4. Use “little victories”
The saying “the longest journey begins with the smallest step” is very apt when it comes to getting fit and healthy. Looking up at the mountain ahead is far more off putting than the little slope in front of you. Make little goals for yourself, such as dropping your body fat by 4% in a month, being able to run at a particular pace for a given time or making sure you drink 4 pints of water throughout each day. When these little victories are achieved you can move on to the next challenge.

5. Don’t over-obsess
Everyone wants quick results but, when it comes to changing your body shape and improving your fitness these things do take time, even for the most disciplined individual. Don’t weigh and measure yourself incessantly, leave at least a week between weigh ins and never become disheartened when results aren’t immediately apparent. I often liken it to the planting of a seed – if you stand there watching the ground you’ll likely become bored and
frustrated very quickly! However, come back in a year and a tree has grown.

6. Don’t deny yourself
Nobody is suggesting you should live like a monk, the more you deny yourself something you enjoy, the more likely you will crave it. Allow yourself a treat a couple of times a week, if the vast majority of your weekly food intake is from non-processed “natural” sources e.g vegetables, fruit, lean meat, fish, eggs with plenty of water you are unlikely to derail your efforts. The key word is “moderation” .

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