Kim Smith has been our Fitness Manager since 2007 and has fast become a popular face at Patshull Park.  This year, Kim is in the midst of preparing for the maternity leave for her second child, due in prepares for maternity leave

Anyone that knows Kim will know that pregnancy won’t have slowed her down, as she continues to work hard as the head of the Fitness Team.  Currently seven months pregnant, she’s been hard at work preparing not only for a new baby, but a house renovation and putting in steps to prepare the team for her eventual absence.

During Kim’s maternity leave, we will have Danny stepping up to the plate to look after the Club as Acting Fitness Manager.  His current role as Assistant Fitness Manager has ensured that he’ll be fit for the role and happy for the opportunity to manage a Club that has been going for over thirty years.

During Kim’s pregnancy, she has been keeping active by regularly swimming, running and keeping active in the gym.  Kim says, “I’ve always been active and wanted to stay healthy throughout my pregnancy, so I continued with my training, knowing what my limitations might be.”

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