This month’s Fishing Festival was a huge success thanks to all the keen anglers who attended over the three day Bank Holiday weekend last week.  We were joined by thirty-five anglers of all ages who were keen to reap first prize.

The winners were as follows:

1st – Jack O’Sullivan – 7 pts – 67Lb 6oz
2nd- Les Thompson – 8 pts – 85Lb 5oz (Preston Innovations)
3rd – Ian Morrison – 9 pts – 85Lb 15oz (Wayne’s Tackle Matrix)
4th – Gary Johnson – 9pts – 56Lb 14oz (Sensas)
5th – Franek Staniuszko – 10pts – 63Lb 1oz (Maver Northwest)
6th – Brian Clarke – 10pts – 58Lb 9oz

Entry was £100 per person with three x twenty peg zones fished over the boats, shallows and hotel bank in a daily rotation.

A few comments from some of our attendees:

“Myself and Ian Morrison have had a brilliant weekend, what an awesome venue and a well run event.” – Wayne’s Tackle Matrix

“’s been an awesome festival in a beautiful place and I’ve competed better than I thought I would and won a few quid.  Thanks to Les Thompson and Patshull Park for running the festival and all the guys that fished, it’s been brilliant. Can’t wait for next year.” – Dave Brown

“It’s been 5 years since I last went but definitely won’t be 5 years till I visit again, one of the most beautiful venues around” – Dave Lloyd

“All in all a brilliant weekend at a cracking venue!” – Wayne’s Tackle Matrix

Some of the write ups we received from the weekend:

From Wayne’s Tackle Matrix..

Day 1
Mozzer led the way with a match win from the boats, catching 20 bream for 49lb, catching on a cage feeder at 35 turns, fishing red worm on the hook and feeding worms through the feeder, awesome weight and an awesome start to the festival.
I only managed 7 points from the shallows, lack of knowledge of the venue and some bad choices, I was only a few pound from 3rd which was more than doable, but still a nice days fishing for 18lb!

Day 2
Mozzer managed 25lb 12oz for 3rd I’m his Section taking his total to 4 points, he caught on the feeder for the first two hours and then moved onto the pole for some perch and roach, catching all day and kept dropping fish in the net, this is what is needed on the venue!
Personally, I had my day on the deeps, catching 12lb for 3rd in my Section of 12, 8lb of roach and small skimmers and then a 4lb tench on my light rig as a massive bonus!

Day 3
Mozzer has been on the deeps, to be honest, we never really got to grips with this section, it is totally different to the rest of the lake, 8/9 foot at 5 metres and up to 15 foot at 11/13 metres, Mozzer has managed 5th in his Section, only needing about 2lb more for 2nd, losing a big fish has cost him, but festivals are always fine margins!
I was on boat 63, so got to go on a boat trip! Went gung-ho for the match win, has about 12-14lb after an hour and I was cruising, catching on the feeder, but then they started fizzing and I could not get a bite for love nor money, in hindsight I should of fed less, the fish were in front of me but I fed way too much!

Mozzer managed 3rd in the festival, which when we consider we have never seen the venue is a brilliant result, In some very good company too, the likes of Dave Brown, Les Thompson, Dave Lloyd, Franek Staniusko! I managed 9th, so was happy with a top 10 finish after the first day!

Groundbait for the weekend for both of us, was a mix of SonuBaits F1 Dark, Worm Fishmeal, Supercrush Green and Crushed Expander, all used depending on the peg!

All in all a brilliant weekend at a cracking venue!

From Dave Brown…

Spent the last three days fishing the Sonubaits sponsored Patshull Park three day festival, one of the most beautiful venues you could ever wish to visit!
Went there expecting to be pools fodder as I’ve not been for around five years but I didn’t care and was just happy to be there.

Day 1
The first day was a random draw and I’ve drawn peg 30 on the hotel bank, bit specialised this area as it’s around 5 metres deep on the pole line! Set up a 4m whip for roach and perch, 6m whip for the deep water where the skimmers are usually caught a rig for searching through the water on the pole and the feeder for over the far bank where the bottom stars to shallow back up.
Could of done with having a practice visit to be honest as I’ve not got it quite right and should of had a couple of more rigs set up, I’ll try and remember that for next year. Still I’ve had a lovely day catching 76 fish for a weight of 14lb 1oz to finish 5th in the 12 peg section so not a disaster, but knowing I should of done better!

Day 2
Day 2 our rotation was on the boats. Love this bit as your ferried across the lake to your pegs on the boats. I’ve drawn peg no.56
10lb came off the peg on the first day so I was hopeful of improving on that. Only set up the feeder and 1 pole rig, planned to fish the feeder at 30 turns and I’d plumbed the pole line to fish where the ledge of the main lake meets the arm. I was convinced I’d be able to catch some fish there! Well two hours in I’d not had a bite on either the feeder or the pole, whilst I could see others catching further up the boats, catching on the feeder and the pole!!!
Eventually I got a bite on the pole, a perch then a gudgeon.
Needed to do something so replumbed out into the lake in front of me at 9m and balled it! Went back on the feeder whilst that settled and had my first bream of around 2lb then a 4oz skimmer, those turned out to be my only 2 bites on it!
Came back on the pole and started to catch some hand sized skimmers, thank god I’d finally got something to work at. The skimmers got bigger and bigger and I had an half hour spell where I must of put 20lb in the net with bream up to 4lb! It turned from being devoid to being solid. Going into the last hour I thought I might manage another 20lb it was going that well. The next 15 minutes I had 14lb but the last 45 minutes I had very little! The visit from the shoal was over, nice while it lasted though. I’ve ended up with 38lb 9oz to win the match, happy days.

Day 3
The last day we were on the shallows. I needed a good draw as I was in contention for an overall frame place. There were two pegs in the bag when I went in, neither were any good. I’ve ended up on peg 22 hmmm. Decided I was going to mainly fish for roach on the pole as I didn’t feel the feeder was the right way to go. Gave it half hour at the start to put some bait in just in case then spent most of the match fishing the pole, wasn’t brilliant but I was catching whilst others around me struggled on the feeder! I was just hoping that the other end of the shallows was fishing as hard.
Come the end I’ve had 146 roach, perch and odd little skimmer for a weight of 13lb 2oz to win the half section so i made the right decision.  Unfortunately the other end of the shallows had fished much better with the match winner coming from up there and some decent back ups so I’ve ended up 5th in the big section.
This left me on 11 points and first out the main frame.
Needed another pound on the last day to gain another point which would of seen me finish 5th, could of had that had I not wasted time on the feeder!
Never mind it’s been an awesome festival in a beautiful place and I’ve competed better than I thought I would and won a few quid.
Thanks to Les Thompson and Patshull Park for running the festival and all the guys that fished, it’s been brilliant. Can’t wait for next year.

From Dave Lloyd…

This weekend I have fished the Patshull Park three day festival. Think it’s been 5 years since I last went but definitely won’t be 5 years till I visit again, one of the most beautiful venues around and you can be fishing a 0.4g rig one day and a 3G rig the next.

Day 1
I have drew the deeps, didn’t want this rotation if I’m honest as I thought the deeps would need some food to improve. Drew 37 and wasn’t sure what to expect so a quick call to Dan Carter (every day) and I had a kind of plan. Feeder 20m, pole 13m and just behind the pads. Caught all my fish behind the pads to end with 12lb odd and 6th in section. Although this was my best result I think it was my worst performance as I came away knowing what I could have done to catch more.

Day 2
I’ve drew the peg that won day one, 59 on the boats. Spoke to Ian and he’d caught all his fish in first 3 hours then nothing. Started on tip for a 3lb Bream then 2 tiny skimmers, eventually got the lined up on the pole but that didn’t last long enough. Ended with 22lb which won small section by default but the higher numbers fished much better so I ended up 7th.

Day 3
Drew 24, a great area which was good 1st 2 days. Unfortunately the fish have vanished the 3rd day, the mini section won with 13lb of roach. I had a good battle and laugh with Stewart Lister on 25 and he’s just pipped me 10lb 10oz to 10lb 1oz.

Massive well done to Jack O’Sullivan on winning and to Les Thompson on 2nd but more importantly on running a brilliant festival. Anyone that likes big water natural fishing should seriously look at visiting Patshull Park, it’s a stunning venue.