Our aim is to make our blog posts interesting, engaging and informative. With that in mind, we’ve asked the Fitness team to write some articles on diet, nutrition and fitness from a personal perspective.

Ayden, one of our Fitness Supervisors in the Fitness department gives his insight on his summer workout and diet activities:

“For the last three months I’ve been aiming to lower my body fat percentage ready to show off my hard work during summer time and to generally look lean/very vascular.


Week 1 to 4 – During these three months my diet has been very strict starting off for the first two weeks at my body’s maintenance calorie levels of 3500 calories. I keep my carbohydrate level on the high side to start off with for the first two weeks. I also added four 30-minute steady state cardio sessions per week for the first two weeks.  During the third and fourth week I increased my cardio to 5 sessions per week, which also included weight training five times per week. I usually do my 30-minute steady state cardio post-weight training.

Weeks 4 to 8 – I ended up on 2700 calories doing five cardio sessions per week, burning around 400 calories. I also trained weights five times a week

Weeks 8 to 12 – I ended up on 2300 calories also doing five cardio sessions per week and five weight training sessions.

Each week I weighed myself; if I hadn’t dropped any weight/body fat composition I knew I had hit a plateau. I’d then have to alter my diet by lowering carbs each week.  During these three months I also made sure I was drinking at least 4 to 5 litres of water a day.

Most of my meals to start the day consisted of oats in the morning as my carbohydrate source to give me the energy for my morning weights session, I also added a scoop of whey protein into the oats with smooth peanut butter and 10 grams of flaked almonds.  This meal was usually the only meal that contained carbs during the last 6-12 weeks.

My three main meals throughout the day stayed the same as it’s easier and less time-consuming to cook the same meals in bulks.  They were roughly 5oz of chicken breast with a handful of broccoli and my last meal of the day consisted of more healthy fats e.g. 4 or 5 eggs and turkey/medallion bacon with two turkey burgers, two to three turkey sausages with 20-30 ml of reduced sugar, and salt ketchup layered on the top of the food.

My diet started on the 10/03/17 where I was 12 stone 13lbs.

My diet finished on the 05/06/17 where my final weight was 12 stone 1lbs, dropping my body fat from 14.5% to 8.5% body fat.

These three months I’ve learned a lot about my body and pushed extremely hard to get where I am now!

Please if you have any questions on nutrition or about any kind of sport related training please don’t hesitate to contact me via leisure reception and I’ll be as helpful as I possibly can be.”