Wedding planning brings out a strong response in people.  It seems you either love it or loathe it. There are so many decisions to be made and it can all become a bit daunting.  Here at Patshull Park Hotel, Golf and Country Club we like to understand our bridal couples.  We like to help them to plan their perfect civil wedding and reception in our beautiful wedding venue and stunning grounds, perfect for those special photographs.

During our recent Winter Wedding Fair we surveyed the couples attending to find out their views and experiences of planning a wedding.  There were some interesting results.  It has certainly helped us to understand our clients more.

Weddings can be expensive, and we were interested to find out what our couples thought they would spend the largest part of their budget on. A huge 94% of our couples expected to spend the most money on their wedding venue.  The other 6% thought it would be their honeymoon.  It is very likely that your wedding venue will indeed take up the largest part of your wedding budget.  Included in this cost you will often have a civil service, reception venue, food, drinks and sometimes overnight accommodation for the Bride and Groom.  It is important to find the right venue for you.

We then asked our couples how many wedding venues they had visited to help them make their choice.  The average number of venues visited was 3, although one keen couple had visited 6 so far!  Generally you will have an idea in your head of the facilities your dream wedding venue will have.  It is important when viewing venues to check you are getting value for money and everything you are expecting in the package you select.  We work closely with our couples to help them to choose the right package for them.  Honeymoons can also be quite pricey, but are a lovely way to treat yourselves and celebrate being newly married if you can afford it.

A number of factors influence a couple’s choice of venue.  We asked our couples what the main factors were that influenced their venue decisions.  80% of respondents rated the attractiveness of the venue as a key element in choosing a venue.  We work hard at Patshull Park to ensure our buildings and grounds are beautifully maintained to ensure your special day is perfect.

Three quarters of our couples rated location as very important.  Couples tend to want to get married close to home.  The majority of couples that book their wedding at Patshull Park are from Wolverhampton, Telford, Shropshire or the wider West Midlands – although the benefit of our hotel accommodation is that we can also cater for couples and guests from further afield.

Half of our couples thought the option to have a civil wedding service at the same venue as the reception was of equal importance to the price of the venue. Holding your reception in the same venue as your civil wedding service can help to keep costs down.  There are no hire costs for wedding transport, for example.  When choosing your venue it is important to have a budget in mind.  Do some research on the internet and visit some wedding fairs to get a realistic idea of how much it will cost.  It is then a good idea to talk to the venue’s Wedding Coordinator.  Jo Guest, our Wedding Coordinator, is very knowledgeable and builds a great rapport with our couples

Interestingly enough, all of the grooms we spoke to rated price as a very important factor in choosing the venue.  Our brides tended to rate the location and attractiveness of the venue as being more important.  We’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that!

Finally, we wanted to know whether our couples had been surprised by the cost of any wedding supplier.  The most frequently mentioned service was photography.  It is true that wedding photography can be expensive, but it is also true that you get what you pay for.  Your wedding photographs are a lasting reminder of your special day.  Most photographers offer a range of packages to meet all levels of budget.

We have found our wedding survey to be a great insight into the way our couples plan their weddings, and the things that are important to them.  Here at Patshull Park we like to get to know our couples and help them to plan the wedding day of their dreams.

For more information about Weddings or about booking your wedding at Patshull Park Hotel, Golf and Country Club please call our Wedding Coordinator Jo Guest on 01902 709855.