As always, the Patshull team have come together during a crisis and have helped us to develop our Up Close & Personal blog series.  Originally designed to help you understand the faces behind the names, we’ve been inundated with accounts of home lives during the COVID-19 lockdown from our staff.

They’re all keen to get back to normal operation and help provide our customers with the seamless and inviting environment that they’ve come to associate with Patshull Park Hotel.

We caught up with Sonny our Head Chef whilst he’s on lockdown with his two dogs..

“I’m one of many ‘boomerang’ employees at Patshull, having left the team and returned! I’ve been back for around three years now, initially returning as a Sous Chef before being promoted to Head Chef last year.

I enjoy working with all the chefs to create our menus and especially working with Oli and Tia on their apprenticeships. In the future I’m keen to get back to normal as soon as we can so that I can working on fine-tuning our summer offerings with the new staff we have.  My proudest achievement was Oli getting his distinction on his Level 2 qualification, we all worked hard as a team to help him and it’s rewarding to see him flourish (you can view our blog post covering this achievement below).

Patshull is a wonderful place to work because of how well everyone works together.  The culinary team have been focusing on a new direction, bringing in new ideas to our menus.  I’m also excited to have our new Restaurant Manager David on-board as he has lots of ideas for the Lakeside Restaurant and service.  I can’t deny that I also love the free golf, getting out onto the course after a shift or on my day off is ideal.”

What’s home life look like at the moment?

“Home life looks a bit boring for me at the moment.  Cooking at home doesn’t have the same appeal as working in a commercial kitchen with my team around me, so I’ll be hitting the ground running when we return to work.  In the meantime, I’m watching Great British Menu and trying to keep the dogs entertained whilst we’re all on lockdown!”

What are you looking forward to?

“Like a lot of the team, we’re all looking forward to being able to play golf again.  We’re never short-handed for a four ball.  On top of that, we also like to get together off-site to play football; I’m particularly proud of my last goal that I scored against Harry from the Pro Shop!

I’m mad about motorbikes and most years I fly down to Italy to watch the Moto GP in Mugello.  Whilst I know this out of the question this year given the circumstances, I’m looking forward to planning my 2021 trip.”

Read about Sonny’s proudest achievement of Oli’s distinction qualification below:

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