Have you noticed that many of our employees are related? We’ve had many employees find their partners at Patshull Park, as well as a number of siblings work alongside each other.

Arthur is one of our long-term employees who arrived in 2005, shortly after the arrival of his sister Milda, who is also an integral part of the Patshull team.

There’s many positions that Arthur has worked within the hotel over the years, but he started with us in 2005.

We catch up with him at home in Albrighton to see how he’s doing during the lockdown, and to see how he’s coping without the constant access to our gym!

“Working at Patshull Park was my second job in England after arriving from Lithuania.  I started working here in July 2005 and spent a number of years as the Kitchen Porter, improving my language skills from the culinary team in a fast-paced and friendly environment.  The first time I came to Patshull, the team made me feel so welcome and appreciated.

I’m a ‘boomerang employee’, and after leaving for a few years I returned for the second time in 2013 to become a Night Porter and work part-time on Reception too.  I’m now the Night Manager, which involves looking after a small team of Night Porters that manage the hotel overnight.  Customers are one of the best parts of my job, particularly during Christmas Party nights as everyone is having a great time and we laugh together.

I have a lot of customers who are intrigued about my home country and I’m asked a lot of questions about Lithuania. As well as a lot of political questions, I have some that have been there and we have happily exchanged travel tips.  Everyone is curious about what life is like there, and I’m always glad to talk about it.

It might sound cliché, but I love being part of the Patshull team because of being on the frontline with the public.  I enjoy making a customer smile when they come to check in or out.  If there’s anything I can do to contribute towards making their stay better, their positive feedback makes my day and makes me think I have made a difference.

There’s a great atmosphere within the team. Working for Patshull Park on a daily basis makes me realise that it’s not just a job. The people I work with on a daily basis, becomes almost a second family, which creates a pleasant environment to work in.”

What have you been up to since the lockdown?

“It’s been difficult not to keep up with hobbies, as I’m usually an outdoors-type person that enjoys travelling and camping.  I’m looking forward to getting back into it once the lockdown is lifted.

I’ve been focusing on reading and learning some new skills whilst I have the time.  I’ve always been keen on sports and an avid gym-goer so I’ve had to adapt to a new workout schedule whilst I don’t have access to the gym.

I’ve been able to spend time with my sister and do a spot of gardening which I have barely had time to do when I was working. I’m trying to turn a negative into a positive.

I’ve always been able to keep active from busy nights re-arranging conference rooms at work, so I’m having to make up for it during the last few weeks in the absence of work.

I’m keeping in contact with family throughout the pandemic; I have family in Lithuania, London and Devon currently so I worry about them.  I’m a family orientated guy so I like to check up and see how everyone is doing.  No matter how far the distance, family will always play a big part of my life and it’s family that have made me who I am today.”

What’s the plan for when you return to work?

“I’m looking forward to returning and getting back into a routine.  I miss the beautiful surroundings, the location speaks for itself and is one of the highlights of driving to and from work.

Like many of the team, I want to help contribute towards getting things back on track, helping the business to grow and make it a welcoming place for our guests.  We all have a mutual goal and I think that helps to make Patshull so unique.”