A wedding album is a lasting reminder of your special day. The best wedding photographs are memorable, authentic images capturing all of the emotion and unique detail.  So, how is this achieved? What makes a beautiful wedding photograph?  We asked some local wedding photographers for their views:

Keith Law from Midland Photographic:

“The Bride and Groom need to enjoy themselves. Gorgeous, natural smiles in a beautiful environment is what makes the best wedding photographs”.

Andy Li from Andy Li Photography:

“Timing is key; anticipating the moment. I try to have fun while taking photographs.  This helps the couple and their guests to feel more relaxed in front of the camera.  Relaxed subjects make for better photography.  A smile captured when it happens naturally is infinitely nicer than a photograph of someone smiling on demand.  It’s all about the special moments.  Capturing the Father-of-the-Bride as he sees his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress for the first time or when the Groom anxiously awaits his bride and then turns to see her walking down the aisle”.


Chris Nutt from Codsall Photographic:

“The environment plays a big part.  The natural beauty of the lake at Patshull Park allows stunning outdoor photographs.  The people are the key though.  We are capturing the natural emotions and fun of the day. Claire and Mick had a fun-packed wedding at Patshull Park. Some friendly golfers even let Mick take their golf buggy for a short spin – and even gave an “Arch of Clubs” salute to the newly-weds.”

Anna from Anna Louise Photography:

“What makes a beautiful wedding photograph?  The love and happiness shown in the faces of the Bride and Groom enhanced against a lovely background that has been well maintained”.

“I love this photograph which I took at the Doric Temple.  Columns add a timeless elegance to any image and they are a perfect backdrop to any formal or relaxed pose.  This photo is special because the classical bridal gown and the tails of the Groom contrast against the stone columns and landscape beyond, creating an image that could have been taken anytime within the last hundred years”.

“To complement a bridal gown, a contrast in colour and texture is essential.  At Patshull Park, the contrast of lake, trees and foliage are available in plentiful supply. What other wedding venue can give you all of this?”

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