Are you planning a wedding reception in Shropshire?

Hopefully the following musings on the various components of wedding receptions, past and present, will interest you.

The history of wedding receptions goes back many centuries, not just in the UK but also in other countries. Of course, the exact form of the wedding reception varies – often for cultural or religious reasons, but it seems that whatever the precise nature of the wedding reception, its fundamental principles are similar.

The origin of wedding receptions is clouded in obscurity, but it would seem likely that in part it lies in the natural wish of the wedding party to celebrate the occasion by having a celebration with friends and family. Why should it be called a reception?

Bearing in mind that wedding guests may have travelled some distance from their home to attend the wedding, this term probably came about from the bride and groom’s desire to receive their guests (a) to acknowledge their attendance and (b) to provide them with food and drink to sustain them through the day.

Over the centuries the precise form taken by a typical wedding reception has changed, but it seems that here in the UK there are a number of elements that appear timeless.

One of these traditions is the process whereby the bride and groom, accompanied by close members of their family, greet the wedding guests as they enter the room in which the wedding reception is taking place. Another is the provision of a meal for the people attending the reception. This can take a variety of forms – hot meal, cold meal, sit-down meal or buffet are just some of the options that are generally provided.

Then there is the wedding cake, which has made its appearance at weddings down through the ages. It used to be usual for the cake to be an iced fruit cake, and guests were usually given a small portion of cake to take away with them – often in a small box. Also, people who for one reason or another could not attend the wedding were often sent a small piece of cake in a box after the event. In modern times the wedding cake usually remains one of the principal features of a wedding reception, but it is not so often a fruit cake. For example, it is quite common these days for each guest to be given a cup cake.

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