There are many reasons why a company may decide to hold a corporate event.

Progressive businesses are always looking for ways to foster a good team spirit among their employees, and a short break away from the day to day routine can certainly help to achieve this. Many companies find it beneficial to hold an event such as a golf tournament, or a fishing competition to enable their employees to enjoy some lighthearted competition, and this tends to work very well with sporty types. Not all of us are sporty, though, and it may well be that an option needs to be provided for alternative group entertainments. Possibly a visit to a beauty spot or a place of interest would  fit the bill.

Corporate conferences can take different forms, and deal with a variety of topics and issues. For instance, many companies hold an annual marketing conference, at which they train or inform staff about new products, and initiatives or policies that are being introduced or changed. Events such as these are often best held at a conference venue that is away from the normal place of business. An attractive and unfamiliar location should free the attendees from potential workplace distractions, as well as providing an environment which will foster fresh thinking.

Of course, if a suitable corporate conference venue is chosen, a stay at a conference hotel can also serve as a team building exercise.   For example, the conference delegates could be treated to an evening meal and drinks, followed by an overnight stay in your chosen hotel.

Many good causes benefit from corporate charity events, which typically involve an evening meal with drinks, and some form of entertainment. A similar format can also be laid on for the corporate Christmas party.

Maybe you just want to have a couple of hours in a meeting with your staff in a different location. This type of event is best held in a conference or meeting room, or maybe a suite of rooms.

These are just some of the forms that corporate events can take. What they all have in common is that to be truly successful they need to be held at a venue that is well equipped and comfortable – probably a conference hotel.

An absolute requirement for a conference or meeting venue is a conference / meeting room, or suite of rooms, that is suitably furnished, flexible in its layout capacity, and fitted out with equipment such as wi fi, overhead projector and flip chart.

To create the right kind of atmosphere you will want the venue to be set in pleasant grounds, and for the staff to be at once friendly and efficient. Adequate parking space is absolutely essential.

If the people attending the corporate event are being accommodated overnight you will want to satisfy yourself that the rooms and restaurant – and all the other areas in your chosen conference hotel – are of the required standard. Access to excellent spa facilities is very likely to be included in your list of requirements, and if you are holding a corporate golf day or fishing day you will want to know that the conference hotel has the facilities that you need.

At Patshull Park Hotel, Golf and Country Club we are delighted to say that we tick all the above boxes. Set in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, but near to Wolverhampton, we are very well situated in the West Midlands, and are fully equipped to satisfy your requirements for a successful corporate event.  Why not check out our facilities.