There was a time when most of us would decamp to a UK or foreign coast for our holidays, but with the rise in popularity of golf, the Hotel Golf Break has come into its own.

These days Golf is one of the most popular sports in the UK. Part of the reason for its popularity lies in the challenge that is presented by the game; no matter how hard he or she may try, even the best golfer never feels ‘in control’. The most promising round of golf can be spoiled at the next hole!

Golf can be played by people of either sex and all ages and abilities, and you can play the game to whatever standard is appropriate to you and your golfing friends.

To a keen golfer nothing can be more enjoyable than a hotel golf break with friends and family. What could be finer that a break away from your normal routine, playing the game you love in good company, and staying in a comfortable hotel?

Not only that, but businesses often find that getting their employees away together for a day or so for a golf break can be a good way of breaking down barriers and building team spirit.

There are lots of Hotels offering Golf Breaks, and it is worth taking a few minutes to consider the essential elements of an enyoyable Golf Break.

Firstly there is the Golf.

Most people will want to enjoy a course that is well maintained and challenging, without being too difficult to play. Like a hard crossword puzzle, the course should give you a real test of your ability, but at the same time, you need to feel that you have a sporting chance of achieving a decent result. Some courses are very hard indeed, and definitely for the more proficient golfer. Others may be a mite too easy for some of us. Possibly the ideal is a course that combines some tricky holes with holes that are somewhat easier to play, so that it can be enjoyed by golfers of all abilities.

Apart from the degree of difficulty offered by the Golf Course, we want it to be attractive, so that we can enjoy the scenery as we play our way round it. Personally, I like a rural setting, so that I can enjoy the glorious UK countryside that lies beyond the course, as well as the golf course itself.

Then there is the Hotel.

I don’t know about you, but I like a comfortable hotel with a warm welcome and friendly staff. The bed in my room needs to be as comfortable as can be, and the room furnishing simultaneously attractive and fit for purpose. En suite bathroom facilities are a must, and a lovely view from the window will top it all off nicely.

Good food is an essential ingredient of any Hotel Golf Break. Before striding out to the first tee you will need a nourishing breakfast, and at the end of an enjoyable day of golf, what could be better than eating a delicious dinner, from a varied menu, served in comfortable, well-furnished surroundings? Efficient and friendly service in both restaurant and in the well-stocked bar rounds off the whole thing splendidly, and creates a fine atmosphere for a convivial evening spent with other members of the party.

Some members of your party may like to enjoy other activities during your Golf Break, and if your hotel has facilities such as a spa or a swimming pool, that would fit in with your plans very nicely. It is likely that facilities such as these may also be attractive to the golfers, during the time when they are not out on the course.


Hotel Golf Breaks are of no particular duration. Some may be weekend breaks, lasting from one to three nights, whilst others may last a week or more. However long your break, it may be good for you to have a little time away from your hotel, exploring the locality – possibly enjoying the countryside, a stately house, or just strolling in a local village or town. It is, thus, a good plan to choose your hotel with this in mind. Look for somewhere that is located near a town or city, geographical area or property that you and other members of your group would like to visit.

Come to think of it, Patshull Park Hotel, Golf and Country Club, located in Shropshire between Wolverhampton and Telford ticks all the above boxes, and would be a super venue for your hotel golf break. Why not take a look at the relevant pages on the hotel website?