We have a range of fitness activities at the Health & Fitness Club at Patshull Park Hotel near Wolverhampton, which we have developed to meet the varying range of abilities of our  members.

If you have limited mobility, sore joints, or don’t enjoy high impact activities, then Aqua Aerobics is the class to be in.  Aqua is taught by Sue, an energetic and bubbly soul who is the life of the class! She brings a sense of excitement and fun to her fitness classes, which are particularly addictive!

If you’d like to start boxing, but have never had the courage, or think that a testosterone-fuelled environment isn’t for you, why not try Boxercise?  We have a range of ages from 14 – 60+, so for the softer approach to high impact, this fitness class is perfect.  Boxercise is taught by Liv, who has an adventurous way of teaching.  Boxercise is designed to be fun, varied and exciting.  Why don’t you give it a go?

Dave hosts the ‘Ultimate’ classes.  These are high-impact and highly addictive, creating a hugely competitive environment which is as enjoyable as it is hard.  These classes are fast paced, hence the name!  Dave has a good following of class attendees and offers discounts for members who come to more than one class per week.

Boot Camp; exactly what it says on the tin! Not for the faint hearted, this may well be our hardest fitness class.  As a result, only the few dedicated members appear on a Saturday morning!  Plenty of ropes, tyres, and other gruelling exercises.  Feeling fit? You’d better be!

‘Step Up!’ is our very own blend of step class that includes toning, shaping, abs, core and other great exercises to enable you to make the most of your Saturday morning.  Designed by Kim, this is a fitness activity that is guaranteed to give you a good workout that’s full of enthusiasm and fun.

Whatever your needs, we are confident that you will find a fitness class to suit you at the Patshull Park Hotel Health & Fitness Club near Wolverhampton. Why not get in touch?