Winter Fishing Tips for Carp and More

In the winter months, water temperatures begins to drop and although fish activity can drop and their behaviour patterns change, there’s still plenty of fun to be had and plenty of fish to be caught. You just have to know what the fish are doing and where they’ll be. Here are a few tips to help you brave the cold in hopes of catching a bite or two.

Location Matters for Winter Fishing

autumn fishingIn colder weather, fish will tend to seek out warmer spots, places where the sun hits the water first are a good place to start. Focus near to boats that are in use and buildings near the water as they’re also good locations as heat from the structures can heat the water slightly, attracting fish.

Carp favour sheltered bays and reeds, anywhere that is protected from the wind and therefore warmer. A heavier, wooded bank would be a good place to set up. Looking for bubbles or breaks in the water is a good idea; although there may be fewer sightings, any sort of indication is a good sign that fish are present.

Trout prefer a certain temperature and so will tend to follow streams of water until they find a favourable spot so try out different areas until you find them. In cold weather, it may be a good idea to cast away from the wind as the warm water is pushed in the opposite direction to that of the wind.

Pike are ambush predators so like to have a place to hide. Look for reed and lily beds or changes in depth as these are nice holding points and allow the predator to strike from a hidden position. Look for where the grebes are as well, this is often where the prey fish are and therefore, so are the pike.

Timing is Key When Catching Carp

Timing can be key when fishing. Finding a spot where the sun first hits the water, or times when fish are feeding, can make the difference between going home disappointed, or a day well spent.

Carp only feed for a few hours a day in the winter months, so its good to make note of the time of sightings and as this may be the time carp are out the next day.pike fishing shropshire, patshull park

Sudden drops in temperature may cause trout to lose their appetite, but longer cold periods can actually be better than in summer months. A warmer day after a cold spell can cause an increase in insect life and so too, the hunger of the trout.

Pike will be active around the same time as prey fish, following the warmer parts of the water and often going deeper when the temperature drops to chase the roach and bream that they pray on.

Clothing for Cold Weather Fishing.

A fishing spot could be teaming with life and biting every time you drop the line in, but if you’re not prepared to brave the weather, you won’t be catching fish for long. Wearing layers will insulate you from the cold; a good hat is vital and thermal base layers wouldn’t go amiss. Although gloves can be a hinderance when casting or retrieving, fingerless gloves are a good option for a little more dexterity, or some anglers swear by nitrile gloves. Try and find a type of glove that works best for you or use hand warmers.

Winter Fishing in Shropshire

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