Fishing is a year round sport. Here at the Fisheries of Patshull Park Hotel, Golf and Country Club we work hard to be able to offer great fishing throughout the seasons.  We are lucky that Shropshire has mostly avoided the worst of the weather this Winter.  The grounds are beautiful at this time of year and the Pike, Trout or Course fishing can be rewarding. In this blog post we’ll give you some tips on the Winter Fishing gear that will help to improve your winter fishing experience here at Patshull Park.

The only real difference with Winter fishing is the temperature.  We suffer poor weather throughout the year.  Poor weather in the winter can feel worse though with the chill factor.  It is vital to keep warm in order to feel comfortable and enjoy your fishing.  The clothing you choose is important. It shouldn’t make you too hot, as sweat will not evaporate in the cold.  A wet layer of clothing against your skin will leave you feeling chilled to the bone.

Fishing during the winter shouldn’t require a hefty spending spree, investing in lots of high-tech gear.  A few common sense additions to your usual wet weather fishing clothing should be enough to keep you warm and dry.

These are our suggestions:

  • Thermal Layer – A base thermal layer next to your skin will wick away water.
  • Light Layers – A few layers of thin fishing clothing are better than one or two thick garments.
  • Extremeties – Don’t forget your head, feet and hands.  If they are cold you will find it difficult to enjoy your fishing.
  • Head – Wear a hat and a neck warmer that can be pulled over your ears.
  • Feet – A thin pair of socks worn with a woollen or thermal pair on top.
  • Boots – Whatever sort of boot you choose, make sure it has a good quality sole to avoid slipping on wet banks, boards or boats.
  • Hands – Using gloves when fishing can be problematic.  We would recommend a pair of neoprene fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm and still allow dexterity. Chemical hand warmers can also be a worthwhile investment.
  • If you are going out in a boat or are going to be wading in the water, then a life jacket should be worn. Because you will be wearing  extra clothing one of at least 150N should be used and one that self-inflates is preferable .

Do you have any other essentials for winter fishing that you would add to the list?  Do you enjoy fishing in the winter?  We would love to hear from you.

If you have any queries or would like further information about fishing at Patshull Park Hotel, Golf and Country Club please call the Fishing Lodge on 01902 700774