winter-golf-1Do you think golf is a sport only to be played in the summer?  You could be missing out on the fun offered by winter golf.  Here at Patshull Park Hotel, Golf and Country Club our Greenkeeping Staff work hard to keep our course playable year round, in all but the most extreme of conditions.  Many golfers relish winter golf rounds.  Courses are often quieter and tee times more readily available.  All that is needed to make winter golf enjoyable is a little preparation and some winter golf essentials.

Thankfully we’re in Shropshire and not the wilds of Canada, so conditions are rarely unbearable or unplayable.  However, when the weather takes a turn for the worse it is important to stay as warm as possible when out on the course.  The more traditional amongst you may think all that is needed is an extra jumper – if you need more you obviously aren’t moving quickly enough.  These days you can purchase performance wear with fabrics and designs that insulate you from the cold, wind and rain.  This will make your winter round more comfortable than an extra jumper alone would achieve.

We asked the staff in our Pro Golf Shop what their winter essentials for golf are?

winter-golf-2Staying warm is understandably one of the main priorities when you are out on the course for a number of hours in winter. The extremities are often the first parts to feel the chill. A hat and gloves or mitts for between shots are useful, as are hand

Warm clothing is vital.  Layers are good as you can add or remove clothing as you play to achieve the desired temperature.  Base layers and insula clothing have come to the fore over recent years.  It is also a good idea to invest in thermal socks too.  Cold, wet feet can be a big distraction.  We stock a large range of water proof golf shoes

If the weather is wet, water proof clothing provides protection from the elements.  Waterproof trousers and jackets are indispensable on showery, blustery days.

Some other items you may find beneficial are yellow or orange golf balls for use in frosty conditions , a small flask of something warm to drink or even a hip flask with your favourite tipple!

Above all a good, positive attitude is essential for winter golf.  Ignore the cold, wind and rain.  Get out there and enjoy some fresh air and a great round of winter golf at Patshull Park.

All of the essential items and brands listed are available in our Golf Pro Shop.

Do you have any other essentials for winter golf that you would add to the list?  Do you enjoy playing golf in the winter?  What are your favourite winter golf memories at Patshull Park?  We would love to hear from you.

Feel free to call the golf pro shop on 01902 700342 with any queries or to book your tee time within 7 days of play.