winter-golf-3Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed all year round.  Winter Golf is great fun and allows time for that vital practice to get you ready for spring and summer competitions. The golf course at Patshull Park Hotel, Golf and Country Club is a high quality, well drained course perfect for golf in the winter.  However, all golf courses sometimes get an unusually harsh spell of weather during the winter season that can make the course unplayable.  So, what can you do on the rare occasion in winter that the weather is too awful to play?

When winter hits us hard in the UK, like it has done the last couple of years, we are occasionally left bereft of our usual Saturday or Sunday fourball due to snow, frost or heavy rain. It is sometimes frustrating that we cannot get out onto the course and enjoy a bit of winter golf with our friends followed by warming refreshments in the 19th hole.

For those days when golf is simply out of the question there are a few things that you can do that will enhance your hobby and help to make you more prepared for the new season :

  1. Have a good look at your equipment. How are your grips looking? If dirty, you can clean them in neat washing up liquid with a brush to get all that ground in dirt out. Then swill in clean water and allow to dry. If they smooth any shiny, then they are beyond salvaging and you may want to invest in some new grips which your golf professional can fit for you. They will normally start at about £5 per club for a decent quality grip. Clean your club heads, get a brush and clean out all the grooves and remove any build up of mud in the rear of the club as this can alter the swing weight of the clubs.
  2. Work out how far you hit the ball with each club. Not many golfers have an accurate idea of the distance that they hit with each club. On the range hit say 30 balls with one club and work out the distance to the centre of the grouping of balls. Note it down and then repeat for every club in your bag.
  3. Start to plan what golf tournaments/competitions you want to play in during the coming year and diarise. During the first couple of months of the year many open competition details will start arriving at your club and should be available from your club secretary or stored in a folder in the locker room.
  4. Work out your personal targets for the coming year. For example if your handicap is 16, what is an achievable target to get cut over the next season? How are you going to achieve this? Plan your practice time and decide if you need some lessons? There are plenty of apps out there for mobile devices that can log your stats for various parts of your game. Using one of these can show you where you can save shots and therefore reduce your handicap.
  5. Get yourself in the gym and work out those golf muscles. Most golfers are not known for going to the gym to work out, but by doing this you will give yourself a head start over the rest of the field.

Current golf members of  Patshull   Park  are eligible for a half priced Health Club Membership; with its  warm indoor pool, two exercise rooms, plus Jacuzzi and steam rooms /saunas, it provides wonderful  place to maintain body and soul especially during the winter months.
Bespoke routines for golfers can be arranged by our Health & Fitness  Manager , Kim Smith on 01902 701260.

Richard Bissell
PGA Golf Professional
Patshull Park Hotel Golf & Country Club

Feel free to call the golf pro shop on 01902 700342 with any queries or to book your tee time within 7 days of play.