A winter wedding with crisp air is an idyllic setting that many dream of for their special day. When there are so many things to consider, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few inspirational ideas to get you started.

Winter Colour Schemes

Choosing the right colour scheme is an important part of any wedding, but especially so with the soft shades of a winter backdrop. Choosing colours that complement the delicate surroundings is a great way to tie into your winter theme.

White and Grey

This scheme gives your wedding a modern, sophisticated look whilst tying into the elegance of your surroundings and giving you that winter wonderland feel you are looking for at a winter wedding.

Burgundy and White

A slight twist on the traditional white, burgundy accents give your wedding a more elegant and luxurious feel whilst perfectly offsetting the white surroundings. The burgundy can also create a warm and comfortable feel that stand out against the wintery settings and gives the guests thoughts of Christmas.

Silver and Blue

For a more classic feel, a light blue with silver accents is the perfect colour scheme for couples wanting a fairy-tale winter wedding with a classic look that suits a frosty surrounding.

Wedding Photography

Photographs can make your special day last a lifetime but even the best photographer can only do so much. What can really set your photos apart is a stunning backdrop such as the ones at Patshull Park. The idyllic lakes and countryside surroundings are the perfect place to capture the moments of your special day, a frosty afternoon with low sun will give you wedding photographs to treasure for years to come!

Wedding Flower Displays

Flowers are an often-overlooked part of a wedding scene, but they are an integral feature that can make big difference in the mood of the room. Although you may think your choices are limited in the winter season, there are still plenty of species to choose from that will set the scene for your enchanting winter wedding.

Red Flowers

Red flowers add a sense of decadence and a bright contrast to the white of the surroundings. Choosing seasonal flowers such as Carnations, Amaryllises, Gerberas, and Tulips as a stunning bridal bouquet or sensational table piece will be sure to make your day that much more memorable.

White Flowers

Using various shades of white flowers gives your wedding a traditional, classy feel. Soft ivories, blush and eggshell flowers are great as a centrepiece or as a contrast to more brightly coloured flowers. Choices include White Roses, Oriental Hybrid Lilies and Gardenia.

Pinks and Purples

Waxflowers, Limonium and Statice Sinuata are just a few examples of beautiful pink and purple flowers that provide a softer, more feminine aesthetic for your wedding and will beautifully contrast the white surroundings of your winter wonderland.

The list of things to do before a wedding can be endless. With these few key points, you will be one step closer to your dream wedding day. Patshull Park offers stunning views, creative catering and a beautiful venue that is perfect for your winter wedding.

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Photo credit: Heidi at 1st Impression, Chris from Codsall Photographic